Chrome & Coffee at Iron Gate Motor Condos

Iron Gate Motor Condos continued its monthly Chrome & Coffee Open House on Saturday, September 10, 2016. Featuring Antique Marques of all makes and models, the monthly Chrome & Coffee event attracts car collectors and auto enthusiasts alike who come together to learn, share information and network until noon during this monthly program.

Coffee and donuts were served while sport and collectable car owners and interested aficionados gather for the September “Chrome & Coffee” event. Open to the public, the Naperville facility is an exclusive residence for classic, collector and exotic vehicle owner.

At Iron Gate Motor Condos, owners experience a highly secure, temperature-controlled environment that showcases their car or special collection. “The custom design of each owner’s garage reflects their personal style and needs,” explains developer Tom Burgess, “and they have become an passionate community of like-minded collectors.”

Iron Gate Motor Condos in Naperville is the Chicago area’s first, exclusive residence for classic, collector and exotic vehicles. Located just north of the intersection of I-88 and Rt. 59 on Ferry Road in Naperville, the Iron Gate facility offers owners a highly secure, controlled environment and the camaraderie of fellow garage owners, frequent car shows and timely events. For further information see:


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