Toyota #SiennaTuned wins its class in the 2016 One Lap of America

Competing in Brock Yates’ One Lap of America is on many car enthusiasts bucket list. The race is the successor to the Cannonball Sea-to-Shining-Sea Memorial Dash, and served as inspiration for the Cannonball Run movies, becoming a pop culture staple.

Two Toyota Sienna minivan concepts, the R-Tuned and the SE+, took to tracks all over the Mid-West and East Coast to shatter the perception of what it means to own a minivan.

One Lap is the ultimate road trip and this year’s race covered nearly 3,000 miles across a dozen states, as competitors competed on the road course, autocross course, drag strip, and skid pad. In total, there were 17 timed race competitions at eight unique venues. Perhaps more staggering is the fact that this all took place in eight consecutive days, with competitors racing during the day and driving all night to the next track.

The Sienna R-Tuned  FINAL RESULTS look like this:
Total Time: 77:38.072
Total Points: 4,025
Class Pos.: 1
Overall Pos: 21

Follow this link  to learn more about the Toyota Sienna One Lap and a summary of the overall results.

Also, take a look at this Toyota Sienna One Lap of America Wrap-up You Tube video courtesy of Tire Track.


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